Bend and Bind

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
Average: 4.6 (100 votes)
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This is a fun, challenging and fulfilling class if you like to get into the deeper stretches early on. David takes you through a quick Sun Salutation then moves right into a series of binds and deep stretches for the shoulders, legs and hips. You'll enjoy this one!

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


Nikki Marie 4 years ago

This was so perfect, even when completely modified. Thank you, David.

Liga 5 years ago

Great class. Flows really well. Would love more guidance regarding the breath during the poses and shavasana. :)

vintage liza 5 years ago

I love this class, truly I do.

But I have to admit I *always* feel a little sense of relief at the end when the soundtrack quits and I realize I don't actually have a cricket trapped in my apartment.

ayflores.stanford 5 years ago

The sun salutation moves very quickly, giving the participant little time to get warm. Then the video engages in very deep stretches that are challenging (and possibly dangerous) to do when the muscles haven't been warmed up adequately.

nikolareynolds 5 years ago

A great first class to return to yoga to. Also my first online video based class, thank you, very inspiring. :)

lmm711 5 years ago

Really intense binds that open the shoulders and side body. Love love love. Combined this practice with Fiji's Hamstrings and my body feels like putty. Thanks!!!

joelesala 5 years ago

No one's stretches help my body more than David's. Thank you for another fantastic video.