Beginners' Yoga for Leg Strength

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger
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Melissa has a unique way of moving effortlessly through a challenging sequence that both strengthens and stretches the body, particularly the lower body. You'll enjoy her calm and relaxed focus, as well as her attention to alignment.

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Yoga for Strength


AmazonGrace 7 years ago

I really enjoyed this video. Because my moon is visiting, I stayed in Table Top/half plank during the sun salutation sequence, and instead of Bridge, worked my core in Boat pose. Still felt great afterward. Would love to have a longer shavasana - will check to see if there's a way to queue up a meditation video for right after a asana video. Namaste!

Amorous3 7 years ago

A wonderful exercise before bed. It really stretches you out and relaxes your body.
Thank You!

adgraphic1 7 years ago

I just tried this video last night and great flow for the evening.

emily.long02 7 years ago

I'm beginning to try and do some yoga every single day and this was perfect for today when I was on a tight schedule! It really worked my legs and my core! I will definitely be coming back to this one again and again! :D

VioletaRoni 7 years ago

I really enjoyed it. I'm going to work this short video into my work outs to gain more stability in my poses. Thanks!

Keke 7 years ago

Great video, really realxing. Just what I needed to end the day.

mcsister67 7 years ago

This class was a good alternative to not having good classes at my studio that night. Short but still built some heat to make it feel like a productive workout. Thank you!

Marcia 7 years ago

Good video. I would like to see more short classes, but at a more advanced level.