Beginner Yoga for Strength and Flexibility

Beginner Yoga for Strength and Flexibility


Beginner | 30 days | 13 classes | 3 classes/week |4 mediations | 1 meditation/week

Improve your strength and increase your flexibility by devoting yourself to a regular yoga practice for a month. This program allows you a lot of scheduling flexibilty, since you can choose to do each yoga class on one of two days. The classes in this program range from gentle to challenging beginner classes and are offered by a number of different teachers teaching a wide range of styles and class lengths. The one constant is the quality of instruction and the clear, precise guidance. Once you begin, you won't want to stop, and you will thank yourself in the end. 

Note: Many of these classes require the use of a bolster, block and/or strap. You can use many things to replace a strap, including a rope or tie. It's harder to find a replacement for a block - sometimes a thick book or solid pillow will work. As for a bolster, you can easily use items from your home to create a home-made bolster. To learn how to do that, click on the link below.

Learn to create your own bolster at home

Day 1 or 2

Strength and Flexibilty Day 1Oceanside Restorative Yoga 54:52 Melissa Krieger
Difficulty: Gentle Beginner

This relaxing class is a perfect choice for starting one month of dedicated practice. The poses are gentle and effective, the sound of the ocean waves are calming and Melissa's guidance will help you sink into a deep state of relaxation and rest.


Day 3 or 4

Day 3 or 4Hatha Yoga for Self Care I 29:27 Melissa Krieger
Difficulty: Gentle Beginner

Our second class is also gentle, deeply relaxing and features a series of wonderful stretches. Melissa shines in her role as guide, helping you nurture and take care of yourself. You spend the entire time on your back, soaking up the opportunities for relaxation and meditation in this wonderful class.


Day 5 or 6

Day 5 or 6The Ultimate Shoulder Sequence 62:20 David Procyshyn
Difficulty: Gentle Beginner

This is a great class to complete early on as you dedicate yourself to a month of regular yoga practice. David's Ultimate Shoulder Sequence is gentle, moves at a slow, meditative pace and stretches the shoulders, upper back and neck in an effective, thorough way. Note: David sits on his heels in this class. If you prefer not to do this, you can sit cross-legged or in a chair.  

Day 7

Day 28Guided Audio Meditation: Lightness of Being 19:06 David Procyshyn

The end of week one is a good time to rest, relax and meditate. This guided relaxation uses hypnotherapy techniques and muscular relaxation to encourage your body to let go and release, while your spirit and awareness remain light and calm. 


Day 8 or 9

Day 8 or 9Restoring Equilibrium 64:59 David Procyshyn
Difficulty: Beginner

To begin the second week of this 30-day challenge, David brings you a class that begins with relaxation, ends with relaxation and in between is a slow, meditative hatha yoga flow that is filled with wonderfully satisfying stretches for the hips, back and shoulders. By the end of this week you'll feel amazing.


Day 10 or 11

Day 10 or 11Supported Yin 32:35 Satiya Channer
Difficulty: Gentle Beginner

Satiya's calm energy and voice are perfect for a class that asks you to settle into poses for a longer period time, while breathing and allowing muscles and tension to let go. You spend the entire class on your back, moving through hip openers, leg stretches and hip twists before relaxing for a nice, long savasana. 


Day 12 or 13

Day 12 or 13Morning Wake-Up 18:42 Satiya Channer
Difficulty: Gentle Beginner

We stay with Satiya to complete week two, for a class that involves much more movement. This hatha yoga flow class is still quite gentle, with a pace that allows you to establish the pose and the stretch before you move onto a new one. Her voice is calming and encouraging as she reminds you about alignment and energy principles within yoga.

Day 14

Day 21Yoga Nidra for Sleep 22:21 Jennifer Piercy

If you want to relax, yoga nidra is one of the best ways to do that. If you would like to fall asleep more easily and sleep deeper and longer, yoga nidra can also do that for you. Combine that with Jennifer Piercy's wisdom, voice and guidance and this guided yoga nidra recording is near perfect, particularly if it's bedtime. 

Day 15 or 16

Day 15 or 16Yin Yoga for the Hips and Hamstrings 60:42 Sarah-Jane Steele
Difficulty: Beginner

To begin the third week of our 30-day beginner yoga program, we have a full-length yin yoga class courtesy of Sarah-Jane. She shows you how to release the tight muscles around the pelvis and legs, while spending a lot of time on the hips and hamstrings. This class is great for so many people and for so many reasons. Enjoy the release and the really nice feeling after you're done.


Day 17 or 18

Day 17 or 18Twist and Stretch 32:53 Melissa Krieger
Difficulty: Beginner

We follow Sarah-Jane's yin yoga with Melissa's gentle movement, stretch and twists. This popular class is a good length if you can't fit in a full-length class. It still feels like you had a good all-around stretch after the class is over.

Day 19 or 20

Day 19 or 20Yoga for the Upper Back 37:05 David Procyshyn
Difficulty: Beginner

To complete the third week we're getting back into the shoulders and upper back with a class that is a little more challenging than the Ultimate Shoulder Sequence. You'll feel this hatha yoga sequence getting into those tight muscles between the shoulder blades, front of the neck and chest and rotator cuffs. This class is so good for your posture, spinal health and shoulder flexibility that you may feel like your standing differently when you're done.

Day 21

Day 21The Hollows 38:40 Jennifer Piercy
(choose The Hollows track from the album)

Your body may be craving rest at this point in the 30-day program. This guided yoga nidra meditation is long enough to allow you to sink more deeply into a restful state of bliss, providing you with all kinds of benefits, including rest, recovery, better sleep, better focus and greater well-being.

Day 22 or 23

Day 22 or 23A Full Body Hatha Flow 49:43 Anastasia Hangemanole
Difficulty: Challenging Beginner

As we begin our fourth week together, the body will likely feel stronger and more flexible than it did when you began. So today's class is more challenging - for your strength, balance and flexibility. Anastasia begins the class with gentle hatha, but after that she might push you outside of your comfort zone with poses such as plank, dancer's pose and deep hip openers.

Day 24 or 25

Day 24 or 25Hatha Yoga for the Hands, Arms and Shoulders 20:35 David Procyshyn
Difficulty: Gentle Beginner

In the middle of week number four we work on the strength of the spine, upper back and shoulders, while releasing the major muscles around the shoulders, arms and hands, creating more flexibility in those important joints. Great for posture and spinal health, this class helps you feel good all-around, while maintaining and improving the range of motion in so many joints of the upper body.

Day 26 or 27

Day 26 or 27Yoga for Cyclists 58:25 David Procyshyn
Difficulty: Challenging Beginner

This class is labeled for cyclists, but it's a class that everyone can benefit from. The emphasis, as you can imagine, is on the legs, particularly the hamstrings, quadriceps and psoas, along with the hips and back. David also clearly describes alignment and proper core activation, making this class a whole-body experience. 


Day 28

Day 14Total Body Relaxation I 56:05 David Procyshyn

When you go to the page you'll notice four choices for total body relaxations. Even though we've chosen A Total Body Relaxation I for you, feel free to chose the one that you have time for. However, it is best to start with this one if you have the time, since it can take time to calm the mind enough to truly stay focused and relax in a deeply restful way.

Day 29 or 30

Day 29 or 30Yin Yoga: Sinking Into Stillness Anastasia Hangemanole 60:42
Difficulty: Beginner

Anastasia completes our one month beginner program for strength and flexibility with her popular yin yoga class that is all about releasing muscles and relaxing into discomfort. She does a nice job of encouraging you to let go while holding deep hip openers, backbends and twists.