Balancing Postures : Exploring Masculine and Feminine

Ron Stewart
Instructor Ron Stewart
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Learn how to cultivate awareness of masculine and feminine energies in this class focused on single leg balancing poses. In this intermediate/advanced flow, Ron shows you how to find equilibrium between opposing forces and hug to your midline to find strength, stability and groundedness.

Equipment: Strap
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


denaj707 4 months ago

I love this class and Ron's approach to balance! I have long been doing Satiya's 3 Poses and continue to return to that short class on balance. But in the past month discovered Ron's Power Yoga for Balance and now this class on Exploring Masculine and Feminine. Understanding that wobbling is ok, relaxing my ankle, and now using "kick stand arms", even if it is just in my mind, have all been helping my balancing postures. Now, if I can just take those mental pictures to my outside yoga classes where my balance is still challenged. But, still smiling. Thank you.

beesknees 4 months ago

I’m so pleased you have a new class up, Ron! This was just how I needed to move today. Thank you.