Altered Perspective

Tracey Noseworthy
Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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A 'Point of View’ or ‘A Frame of Mind’ or ‘A Standpoint’ is the same as our perspective. In this power yoga class, Tracey challenges your viewpoint with an eyes-open practice based on free flowing movement around your mat. It gives a lot of attention to shoulders, heart openers, hips and forward folds. Offer yourself the gift of seeing something differently today!

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Athletes


annektwest 1 year ago

I really felt the cumulative effects of the 30 day challenge in this one--feeling stronger, more balanced and more adventurous in my practice

Taralum 1 year ago

That was so lovely! just what I needed. A special thank you for reminding me to keep my eyes open, as I often close them throughout my practice a few times.

jmitton 1 year ago

An engaging and thoughtful practice. Makes you think and move!

sunnyr20 1 year ago

Finally, a class that accesses the hip and lower back areas I have trouble opening up! Just the right level of challenge and stretch for me. Thank you so much, Tracey!

cjseb1 1 year ago

Tracey is like coming back home to a dear friend.... she makes you feel so welcome, comfortable, and at ease, yet encourages you to be your best self without judgement. She always presents a wonderful sequence with clear instruction, and her beautifully spoken thoughts are always welcome..."we have a perspective, and sometimes an opinion, and sometimes a judgement. And we have the art of expanding that, of making our perspective broaden." Definitely words I needed to hear. Thank you, DYWM, for providing an accessible website, and thank you, Tracey, for all you bring to the practice of yoga. You are truly a gift.

Audinette 1 year ago

A change of perspective, the awareness that the direction of our perspectives come from within. A great flow to accompany this inner practice. Bookmarked this class!

Himalaya V 1 year ago

This practice is so liberating, so inspiring, thank you Tracey for sharing your talent!

Kwetick 1 year ago

Loved this class....great flow, lots of opening and counter rest poses to balance. Will definitely return to this one often!