A 30-Minute Class For The Shoulders

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Instructor David Procyshyn
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Do you have stiff shoulders and a tight neck from working all day, and only have a half hour available? If so, this class is perfect. This class stretches every major muscle group that crosses the shoulder joint, releasing tight areas and relieving tension and pain. And there's even time for a 2-minute relaxation at the end!

Equipment: Strap
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga


commatothetop 6 years ago

I always have constant pain and tension in my neck, upper back, and shoulders and have never been able to soothe it. This class did the trick! It's almost creepy how good it feels!

clarry 6 years ago

This is a fantastic class - very effective, great instructions. Leaves neck and shoulders feeling looser and relaxed.Thanks so much for posting these very high quality classes for free. Very much appreciated!

Fixed my headache and neck ache
mamasee3 6 years ago

My first class with this site. Had a headache and tight neck on and off for a week. Thanks.

That works wonderful!!!I've
Rollins 6 years ago

That works wonderful!!!I've always suffered from a strain in my shoulders because of my sitting work, but thanks to your classes I now feel much better every day)0 Thanks a lot!

HashBrown 7 years ago

I keep returning to this class whenever I feel tight in my shoulders. It works every time. The stretches are very effective and I feel so good afterwards. Thank you for a great practice.

govinda 7 years ago

This class has been so great. i have been doing it every day for the last two weeks and have had huge improvements, and a couple of big emotional releases too. i'm so happy with how much my shoulders have opened in such a short time. i still have a long way to go, though, and the length of this class, variety of exercises, and how we work the shoulders so completely will help me get there.

Shoulders, upper back and neck
laura 7 years ago

I can't believe how doing this once has increased my movement. I have had chronic uppper back and neck muscle knots for years. After doing this 30 minute workout I could move more freely than I have been able to in years. Thank you David :)

jamierae 7 years ago

I had a very difficult time keeping focused as the pain I felt in my ankles was a huge distraction. The stretches were fantastic, I'm sure I'll feel it in about 6 hours. Thanks for the work you put into these videos.

30 min class for shoulders
Cali27ryan 7 years ago

I just can't get over how tight my shoulders are, right one more so which I noticed in the corpse pose as it being my bag carrying arm. It was a good class, enjoyed it!