21-Day Relaxation Course

Meditation Type: 
Total Body Relaxations
Teacher (old): 
David Procyshyn
Description (old): 

This 21-day course uses three different techniques to help you relax your entire being on a deep level, each 7 days long. The first uses tense and relax to introduce the mind to the sensation of true relaxation. The second teaches you to scan your body part-by-part. The last 7 days takes you into a wonderful, deeply restful, total body relaxation.

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David Procyshyn


thank you
alyssforpeace 3 years ago

thank you for this guided meditation. Just what I need to help me. I appreciate this so much. <3

Just did the first meditation
wyzzardd 3 years ago

Just did the first meditation. Exactly what my body needed! Thanks!

Great experience
Mlove1031 3 years ago

This was my first time doing tension mediation and it was amazing. I'll be saving it to my favorites.