21-Day Relaxation Course

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This 21-day course uses three different techniques to help you relax your entire being on a deep level, each 7 days long. The first uses tense and relax to introduce the mind to the sensation of true relaxation. The second teaches you to scan your body part-by-part. The last 7 days takes you into a wonderful, deeply restful, total body relaxation.

Meditation Type: Total Body Relaxations


thank you
pianoskate 2 years ago

This, and other practices on this site is helping me so much through a very difficult time. Thank you for the efforts that are put into the material here.

never meditated and need to learn for my health
coachted 2 years ago

I am new and would like some guidance on how to begin to meditate...any help would be much appreciated

absolutely love this along
babzy 2 years ago

absolutely love this along with everything on this site. Helping me change into the kind of person I want to be :)

JayneG 3 years ago

This course has been so helpful, as is everything on the site. I just wanted to ask what music is playing in part 2?

newyogi0 3 years ago

I want to start meditating and i wanted to ask if this is a good start.
thnx :)

The sense of Effortlessness
Reset_things 3 years ago

In the introductions you keep pointing to that sense of "not-doing" or "not-trying", which I experience from time to time ( approx. once a month, haphazardly), and intellectually I understand, what you are talking about. I experienced that kind of mentality quite often when I was a teenager,especially when I was practicing an instrument, just a few years ago.

Why do I feel, that this mentality occurs more and more rarely for me? I don't like that trend. Without that, practicing an instrument is a silly waste of time. Doesnt get me anywhere... a famous teacher once called this "an ego trip". I experienced, that I can only build up abilities on that instrument, when I developed a good contact to it, which also implies that kind of "flow-mentality" or effortlessness. Only then exercises make sense. Not only instruments, not only yoga exercises. I took the instrument as an example, because I think it is one of the most immediate ways of experiencing that effortlessness-mentality.

It is not only effortlessness, which characterizes that mentality. There is also a seriousness to it. Not an uptight seriousness, but an integral seriousness.

I look forward to doing this
Cannon03 3 years ago

I look forward to doing this when I get off of work everyday. I run at least once a week and usually I have pain in the arches of my feet that shoot up to my calves but today I had no pain at all. I was able to run without stopping. Every day I feel less tense and less pain when I do this meditation. Thank you!

At first I found it difficult
Dexycat 3 years ago

At first I found it difficult to isolate the different parts of my body but after my third session I feel great. It's so relaxing. Thank you!

Hagenz 3 years ago

I did it! In 21 days I went from pure frustration of not being able to relax to pure bliss. Thank you for this amazing experience. It is truly life-changing. Highly recommended!

Hi, I have been doing this
o_olly 3 years ago

Hi, I have been doing this for three days now, but I always wake up the next day in a lot of pain. I assume this is from the tensing? Is this normal/ am I tensing too hard? Thanks in advance