14-Day Yoga Challenge: Day Ten

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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This class has it all. A nicely paced power flow with foot balances, back bends, hip and hamstring openers, twists and side bends. Fiji is thorough, encouraging and full of spirit on day ten of her 14-day yoga challenge. Click here to go to Day Eleven.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


SmileMore 4 years ago

Really loved this class. Nice variety of twists and longer standing/balancing poses. Love how Fiji always mixes it up! Many thanks

hural 4 years ago

I love the emphasis on the legs and holding standing poses for longer.

msanders 4 years ago

Fiji you have done it again! I feel so strong and limber. I am forever grateful for your willingness to share your talent with all of us that frequent this inspiring website. Namaste.

yvette.marie 4 years ago

I love how quickly the time just wooshes by! I am also amazed by the brilliant structure which means that no class feels 'samey' to the others and the variations and transitions seem new and interesting every day, yet I feel I constantly have opportunities to check progress and develop... brilliant. Thank you.

Vakarian 4 years ago

Day 10 was a wonderful class. Thank you, Fiji. I enjoyed all of the forward bends because that is where I notice my flexibility improving the most. =) Thank you.

maclarenc11 4 years ago

I was feeling a bit sore today and was worried that I might struggle through today's class, but every pose felt wonderful. I can definitely feel the improvement in my twists. The foot balances were my favorite part, with some creative transitions coming into and out of them. This 14 day challenge has been such a blessing. Thank you, Fiji!

jacqui77 4 years ago

what a great class - I couldn't do the last twist /under shoulder position but I love the fact there is alway a halfway. The time does fly by and I look forward to this 20 or 30 each mins of yoga each day for the first time ever. What to do when day 14 is finished?!

Captain Burt 4 years ago

Day 10 was a challenge in many respects, and it feels great to have made it through. Thanks for this 14-day challenge, Fiji and DYWM :)

kmj 4 years ago

Great class. I love the extra hip and shoulder opener at the end.