14-Day Yoga Challenge: Day Six

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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Day six offers the opportunity to do some deeper stretching after five days of hard work. Fiji keeps the flow alive while sequencing through poses that are focused more on creating space and mobility. This is a fun and satisfying class. Click here to go to Day Seven.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Tfillinger 4 years ago

What an awesome opening to tight areas. I can always count on DYWM team to help me feel my best. Thank you Fiji and all of the team.

JudithAnne 4 years ago

I am surprised at my progress! Of course I hoped I would have positive results, but I nevr thought would experience real changes so quickly. I love the creative approach that serves a real purpose.

sarahmay 4 years ago

Today I could definitely feel my ribs after yesterday's class so I'm glad today was a nice short one :)

Rbreid73 4 years ago

Starting a Sunday with this class was just perfect, especially after the hustle and bustle of the week and the previous five days of classes. Feeling new openings and muscles loosen in hips, shoulders and legs really helps me to appreciate the progress I've been making. Another perfectly paced and pitched class from Fiji that was just long enough for my body to awaken while also knowing I had been challenged.

yvette.marie 4 years ago

Great stretches and a wonderful choice for day 6! Thank you :)
Is it just me that can't do the cross-legged hop to plank though...? I think I tie my legs in a knot and any attempt to jump just ends in calamity... is there a "knack" to it, or just practice practice practice...??

sacarrubba 4 years ago

So, today while at the store checkout line, I remembered a nice display of daffodils right outside the door. I told the clerk to hang on for a second while I grabbed a couple bouquets. It is another rainy day in the Northwest and not wanting to delay the people behind me, I didn't stop to dry my shoes while I hurried back in... with unfortunate and predictable results. I slipped, turning an ankle under, barely recovering my balance before really falling. My ankle tingled and I grimaced. I was sure I'd really hurt something . But then I recalled those nice ankle stretches towards the end of day 6 (last night for me) ... its a few hours later. I am sure my ability to react and avoid a seriously painful injury was due to my last year of regular yoga (mainly on this site). I still have a little tweak of pain in the arch of my foot .. but a year or so ago, I would not have been able to recover, shift weight quickly or have the flexibility in my ankle to come out of the fall without serious damage. I knew I'd need yoga to age well. Here is real proof.

Vakarian 4 years ago

Just finished day 6 and I am noticing more flexibility. Thank you for sharing this opportunity with us.

sacarrubba 4 years ago

Loved this. Even though I'm doing your 14 day challenge, I still went to my gym for Saturday yoga with my slave driver teacher (kidding, I really enjoy it, but its work!). So, this end of the day stretch was doubly nice.

maclarenc11 4 years ago

After a year of practicing every other day, this 14 day challenge has really pushed me and created some (healthy) soreness, even though I regularly lift heavy weights as well. I can definitely feel the progress I'm making in my practice! Today's class was a welcome break from the more vigorous flow that really stretched out my legs and opened my hips. Another excellent class, and my only complaint was that it was over too soon. :) Thanks, Fiji!

Becky in TX 4 years ago

Thi was a wonderful stretch! But, as I clasped both feet gracefully pulling them up to a lovely V, I rolled over backwards and wondered if day 15 could be a comic outtake video as our reward. This in addition to the amazing health benefits of course. ♥