14-Day Yoga Challenge: Day Five

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (190 votes)
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This class focuses on strength and balance. Fiji's strong vinyasa flow is peppered with power poses, foot balances and near the end, arm balance poses like firefly (tittibhasana). This one is very fun and you'll leave the mat feeling bright, strong and full of energy! Click here to go to Day Six.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


JulieD 4 years ago

I loved this class! So challenging yet achievable....great balancing poses, loved it!!

maclarenc11 4 years ago

This was my favorite day of the challenge so far--I've been working on forearm stand so I appreciated the focus on shoulder strength and stability. I have very tight shoulders, so binds are particularly challenging and I tend to avoid them, but this class inspired me to keep working on them. I also loved trying two new-to-me poses--firefly and tortoise. Thank you for this great class, Fiji!

designerdanib 4 years ago

Looove this class!! This is closest to crow and firefly I've gotten in a year of self taught practice. The smile I have is taking over my entire face.. and attitude. Thank you, Fiji!

Captain Burt 4 years ago

I'm continually in awe of Fiji's ability to communicate how to enter and explore each pose - she provides so much information in such a clear, concise and timely manner, what a gift. Thank you for day 5 of the challenge :)

kmj 4 years ago

Thank you for the focus on opening and strengthening the shoulders. I loved this one!

pebeti 4 years ago

Wow, my shoulders really "crunched"!!! Feels good now!

Empanadilla 4 years ago

Loving your challenge Fiji. This class was great, feels like we are heading towards forearm stands? I'd love to get there!

SmileMore 4 years ago

I appreciate Fiji's slow and steady approach to this class, with gentle reminders on form and position. With Fiji's instruction, along with Rachel Scott's excellent Chaturanga tutorial, I've learned that I've been a bit off on the posture. Dipping my hips too low and not having my elbows in proper alignment. My goal with yoga (and life) is to be healthy, strong, and injury-free. In this case, I'm concerned with preventing wrist pain/injury (especially after doing so many Chaturangas!) but will check out other tutorials on the DoYogaWithMe site. Thanks for another great class, Fiji!

pedra 3 years ago

I am always cautious leaning on my wrists, since I have carpal tunnel already for years... But I realized that, the more regular and frequent I do yoga, the less I am aware of the sensitivity. I've come to believe that -as long as we are aligning our bodies correctly in poses-, challenging poses like plank or chaturanga do not hurt but help my CTS syndromes! :)