14-Day Yoga Challenge: Day Five

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (190 votes)
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This class focuses on strength and balance. Fiji's strong vinyasa flow is peppered with power poses, foot balances and near the end, arm balance poses like firefly (tittibhasana). This one is very fun and you'll leave the mat feeling bright, strong and full of energy! Click here to go to Day Six.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


dancingbear 4 years ago

i love you sister, thank you for bringing me back to such a beautiful practice

cjgirlie2005 4 years ago

It's amazing, I struggled through a few parts of that session but enjoyed 100% of it. I cannot wait to see how much my body can progress after 14 classes like these. Thank you for lending us your knowledge. Amazing.

Rbreid73 4 years ago

I've been practicing Fiji's 14 day challenge on consecutive days, but thought I'd best save this class to the weekend when I had enough time. I'm so glad that I did as it's been an excellent start to my Saturday. I couldn't get into all of the poses (Fiji, how do you make it look so effortless?!) but that was part of the fun - the challenge of trying new poses with progression to be expected over time. Thank you.

asparges 4 years ago

I just started the challenge, and wow, I LOVED this class. I did it this morning and I am planning on doing it again tonight, just because I liked it so much. I am struggling a bit with sore shoulders and always looking for new stretches to make them feel better. This class taught me a new stretch for my deltoids (the one where you lie on your belly with one arm going across), which will definitely be a regular in my practice. Thank you!

deborahcb 4 years ago

Fiji, I have loved so many of your classes. Thank you for doing this challenge. It is inspiring and challenging me. I appreciate your creativity and guidance.

YoNiki 4 years ago

Good class again!
I really liked the streches!

hyperlycontagus 4 years ago

I wasn't sure I had the energy to do day 5 on day 5 but I went ahead and tried. Boy am I glad I did. It was the exact stretch I needed to start the day and I had a lot of fun playing in the poses. Thanks again Fiji!

sk3tt1 4 years ago

I struggle with some of the shoulder stretches due to an old injury, so I often shy away from the shoulder-based classes. However, I found this class incredibly challenging and rewarding - particularly mentally, because I just want to do everything and I know I run the risk of injury, so I have to learn to accept where I am. I loved the different transitions and the fun poses! Thank you!

aquarius24 4 years ago

Truly the hardest class for me so far in the challenge. I have a huge problem with balance, over all I loved it. I just need to work on balance a lot more! Thank you Fiji!