14-Day Yoga Challenge: Day Eight

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (123 votes)
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This is a challenging class, moving you through a well-paced power flow while moving through a creative sequence that pushes your boundaries, provides deep releases for your hamstrings, lower back and shoulders and leaves you feeling a nice, inner calm. Click here to go to Day Nine.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


atenea 4 years ago

Each and every class in this challenge has nurtured and deepened my practice both physically and spiritually. I appreciate Fiji's precise instruction and execution, and her unpretentious style and presence... so far from what prevails in the world of yoga nowadays. Wonderful!

cjgirlie2005 4 years ago

I absolutely loved today, it was challenging and educational. I have so much room for growth and your guys teaching so far has been more of a growth then any class I have ever attended. Thank you!

Hannebanane 4 years ago

Ah this was so lovely, the side body stretches are really special. Thank you!

Rbreid73 4 years ago

taking time out from my working day was a joy - unlike some of Fiji's other classes, I found this paced perfectly for me. No criticism of Fiji's style, just sometimes the pace of flow classes means I struggle to keep up particularly when it's an unfamiliar class! every one of these classes has included poses I've never tried before, so that's not only keeping the classes challenging, but also interesting and varied.

hural 4 years ago

This class was a challenge for an
old lady, but I have always loved Fiji's classes and this one was absolutely brilliant. Maybe the best-paced and instructed class I've ever done.

sk3tt1 4 years ago

Brilliant class. Some really interesting and challenging poses that I've not attempted before - lots of progress to make! :) The structure of this challenge is so thoughtful. Another perfect example!

msanders 4 years ago

Those new to me pose really got into tight places I didn't know we're there! Super challenging and fun. Thank you thank you.

l_malmo 4 years ago

Loved that this class was longer! Fiji is my absolute favorite instructor, so inspiring and calming. I hope you do more of these challenges, maybe an advanced version? I love how you guide the body into challenging poses so seamlessly!

Vakarian 4 years ago

Today was very challenging for me; however, I still loved it and am looking forward to tomorrow. Thank you!

JulieD 4 years ago

Everyday I seem to find a new favourite class! This class was exactly what I needed - and pushed my practice further. This program has been so thoughtfully put together as everyday day seems to be just what I needed! I love this challenge - I know I'm supposed to be present but I will be sad to not wake up to a new challenge every day! Thank you Fiji!