14-Day Yoga Challenge: Day Eight

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (123 votes)
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This is a challenging class, moving you through a well-paced power flow while moving through a creative sequence that pushes your boundaries, provides deep releases for your hamstrings, lower back and shoulders and leaves you feeling a nice, inner calm. Click here to go to Day Nine.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


MarieChantal 3 years ago

Thank you Fiji for those fun stretches.

Keep pushing us to our edges !

We love it !

your friend from you last 2017 Yoga recharge retreat in Chacala

margotkeyes 3 years ago

WOW~! Some of these poses were incredibly hard and I felt like a human pretzel, but I tried them! On the next go around, I will be leaner, stronger, more agile and flexible, because I am trying!
Fiji you are truly amazing- not just for being able to do these poses effortlessly it seems, but instructing while doing so with every ounce of calm! Thank you!!

Kat Colorado 3 years ago

It took me seven days but I could really feel a shift in my hop forward from downward facing dog to forward bend. All of a sudden a new strength was there and I was able to do it. It was also my first time trying a "lying" tree (sideplank with tree leg) which was wobbly but doable.

Every day I fear that I am too tired from the days before but then it's so worth trying the next challenge and feeling all warm and accomplished.

Karrie 3 years ago

Great practice Fiji! This practice helped me feel an incredible sense of accomplishment. As my strength and flexibility increase, I feel more control in and access to the poses. Thank you! See you tomorrow for Day Nine!

fred_stone 3 years ago

Another great session. Definitely more challenging now! Liking the twists!

Marlowe Daly-G 3 years ago

A fun and well-structured class! I do not recommend doing it first thing in the morning, though. While I have been able to do some of the other classes in this sequence for my early morning practice, this one requires being a bit looser and more warmed up. By 17 minutes into the class I was fine but the first postures were a challenge for a morning body.

Adrienne Katz K... 4 years ago

Perfect for the end of the day- a bit of intensity, lots of stretch. Lovely and calm. Thank you!

priagarwal14 4 years ago

I loved today's class, felt so rejuvenated. :) Thanks Fiji, you are awesome!!

jlangevin237 4 years ago

After a very stressful day this class made me smile. I'm in love with this 14 day challenge. Thank you Fiji.

lehcarachel 4 years ago

I have really come to love Fiji's classes. They are really well sequenced, give just the right amount of cues, and always feel like they are answering my body's needs. Thanks for your great classes. :)