'Transform Your Life' 30-Day Yoga Challenge (Jan 1st - 30th, 2017)

30 day yoga challenge announcement


We are happy to announce our new, 100% FREE, 30-Day Yoga Challenge! David Procyshyn, our founder, was first inspired by the 30-Day Challenge when he was in his 20's (he's 43 now) and, realizing how much it affected his yoga practice and his life, he was driven to design one for you!

It will begin on January 1st, 2017 and end on January 30th. You will have two options - one beginner and one intermediate. Each option is designed so that the classes build upon one another, challenging you gradually as you move through the 30 days. Our goal is to help you increase your flexibility, strength and balance, improve your stamina, make you feel good and help heal your body's aches and pains. Both challenges will begin gently, then progress to more challenging classes, while also giving you the appropriate rest that you need when you need it.

Each 30-Day Challenge features our most popular classes by our best teachers. Within the two challenges, you may experience a variety of styles, including power yoga, vinyasa yoga, kundalini, hatha yoga, yin, yin/yang and restorative. So get your mat ready, declare this to be your first new year's resolution and let's do some yoga!

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Click here to go to the 30-Day Challenge.

See you on January 1st for Day One!

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getting back to fitness
sbrightling 1 year ago

I'm still sporty in my early 50's but have just suffered another injury that stops me doing the things i love. i have injured my knee and can only walk at a snails pace and going upstairs or downhill is extremely painful, i know it only happened 10 days ago but it's driving me nuts not being able to move about freely, i used to do some yoga and i think getting back into it will help strengthen my knee. i have signed up to the 30 day challenge... i'll be careful and do what i can but at least it will be something.

Loving it!
Lori S 1 year ago

I am just amazed at how my body has strengthened and changed this month! I've done yoga once or twice a week for a couple of years but doing the 30 days (well, 28 of the 30 days) really made a difference. My new challenge is to repeat it this month and the next and the next. Thanks ever so much for putting this challenge together. It was wonderful!

next month?
katie2022 1 year ago

Will the challenge be up in February? I didn't get to do it this January but would like to give it a go next month. Maybe a different challenge?

Really, really enjoying the
JudithAnne 1 year ago

Really, really enjoying the Challenge. The classes are wonderful and I have done so much that I never thought I could do. When we finish at the end of January I think I will just cycle through again!

Started a bit late....
adamsac 1 year ago

Hi!! I was hoping you could tell me how long you are planning on leaving the videos for the 30 day challenge up at the end of the challenge. I got started a little late and am about four days behind, but i want to finish the challenge. I've been trying to catch up by doing two in one, but that is becoming more and more difficult as the classes get longer. Having so much fun with it, and I don't want to miss any of it.


30-Day Yoga Challenge
David Procyshyn 1 year ago

Hi there. The 30-day Yoga Challenge will remain on the site so you can do it anytime after it's finished.

awiley1723 1 year ago

Hey I'm getting a late start on the 30 day challenge but completed day 1 today and already remembering how much I loved it! Thanks for putting this together!

Day 1
HopefulBeginner 1 year ago

Thank u so much for this 30 day program and all for free! Only just started yoga 2 months ago and only started doing it at home in last couple of weeks as class instructor took 3 weeks off! I too hesitated when I saw length of first class was 49 minutes! Have to say it was so gentle and blissful. Felt amazing all day, felt hopeful and cried with happiness! What will I be like at the end of 30 days, I wonder! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Day 1
npangaro 1 year ago

Melissa Krieger starts the perfectly with a calm grounding practice.

Length of classes

Hi - your 30 day challenge looks awesome! Roughly how long will each (daily) class be please? i.e. 30mins or 60mins?

Class lengths for the 30-Day Yoga Challenge
David Procyshyn 1 year ago

Classes will range from 10 minutes to 75 minutes, depending on the day.

Kkbaer 1 year ago

Hi! I'm excited to start the challenge. Have never done yoga. What supplies do I need besides a yoga mat? Thanks!

Equipment for the 30-Day Yoga Challenge
David Procyshyn 1 year ago

The most you will need are things you will have at home, such as a few blankets, pillows and something that can serve as a strap if you don't have one - a scarf, belt, tie or rope. There will be two or three classes in the beginner challenge where you will need a bolster. You can learn to make one easily at home by watching this 90-second video: https://www.doyogawithme.com/how-to-make-your-own-yoga-bolster

I'm in!
lizkirby63 1 year ago

Really looking forward to how I'll be feeling in February!

Sounds great!
Jrfisher.co 1 year ago

I've fallen out of my practice the past few months, this will help me get back into it. Thanks for putting this together. Too bad I dont have social media accounts to go for the prize, but just getting back into practice will be prize enough!

I'm in!
Tesshiva 1 year ago

I have been dedicated to using DYWM at least five times per week since last January, and it has already changed my life (and my health) for the better. One thing that I haven't really done, though, is to experiment with all the different forms like Kundalini and Yin. I'm looking forward to this as a "Sampler" month - should be fun! ManyThanks!