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Monthly Update - April 2019

DYWM April 2019 update


We've got a couple of new faces around DYWM! Check out the first of many classes from Nyk Danu and Guy Friswell, as well as a bevy of beginner oriented offerings from Helen Camisa. Also, we have a very special program to help the body and mind recover from the effects of eating disorders.

Couples Yoga: Bringing Your Partner into Your Practice

yoga for two people


Don’t let the term “couples yoga” invoke visions of tantric, loincloth clad gurus surrounded by swirling clouds of incense and droning sitar music. There are a variety of yoga and meditation practices that you can share with your significant other. If you and your partner have been looking for a way to deepen your connection, strengthen intimacy or even just have run out of ideas for date night, the following list of yoga practices for partners is well worth a peek.

Monthly Update - February 2019

February Update

It's February and we've got some fantastic new classes to keep your New Years resolutions on track! David has three new audio meditation programs to help you center and surrender to the serenity within. But if you're seeking more wordly pleasures, bring your favorite person to practice with you for our Couples Yoga Challenge or pamper your self with a weekend of nurture. Take a peek and let your heart decide!



Newest Yoga Classes

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