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Sacred Principles of Yoga, Part I - Ahimsa

Take this journey with me. Take yourself back to a moment in your life when you felt hurt, betrayed or unable to handle what was happening.

Can you remember how you felt? What you were thinking? What your body was doing? How you handled it? How you felt afterward?

The nice thing about looking back is that time can often give us perspective. Can you now look back on this moment and sit with this feeling without judgment or blame, aware of it as though it were someone else’s feelings? This requires a great level of non-attachment and genuine curiosity.

Yoga Giveaway - Tomuno Yoga Mat

Tomuno.com is giving away a natural rubber yoga mat for unheated yoga to one of our lucky site members. We've tested one out ourselves, and they are lovely. The dense rubber provides a great combination of padding and grip, which is especially helpful if you have sensitive wrists or sweaty palms. They're more eco-friendly than the plastic mats, and the odor is not as unpleasant as the petroleum smell you often get from new plastic yoga mats.

What Are the Benefits of Online Yoga?

We all know that yoga is good for us generally, but what exactly are the benefits—and the risks—to our health as a result of our practice? We found an article over at WebMD that goes into great detail about the rewards of yoga, and what you need to do to avoid injury. Of course, it's especially important to pay attention to staying safe when you're doing online yoga videos, since there's no instructor on hand to look out for potential problems.

A New Look For DoYogaWithMe.com

Hello, friends.

We’re so proud to finally show you the results of our hard work. Welcome to the new DoYogaWithMe.com! It’s the same fantastic website that you’ve come to grow and love, with a few new features and a brand new look. Best of all, our online yoga videos are still totally free.

Let us know what you think by sending us an email. We’d love to hear from you.

The DoYogaWithMe.com team.

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