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Happy Holidays From All of Us!

Happy Holidays!

We would like to wish everyone out there a jolly, happy holidays full of everything you love and full of good food and lots of rest!


We are also sending you some good vibes for 2019. We hope you learn lots, love lots and take life in to the max!


The DoYogaWithMe Team

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Following through on a 30-Day Yoga Challenge can be hard! We need to feel motivated daily to roll out our mats, press play and stick with a yoga class until the end, especially if it's challenging.

That is why we will be doing our part to help you complete your daily classes. Here's how:


A number of our teachers have recorded short, relaxing, motivational audio clips that you can download and set as your alarm on your phone. They are ready here:

The Art of Taking Naps

The Art of Taking Naps


Some days I feel exhausted by 2:30pm. You know those days? The kids are fighting, complaining or not wanting to go to school. Work is particularly hectic. You’re not feeling so hot; maybe it’s a cold, maybe stress. You feel like shutting off your life for a day!

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