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Hustle, Unplug, Repeat

Hustle, Unplug, Repeat

Statistics show that Americans are working harder, for longer hours, and are more productive than ever. Yet, few are getting ahead and most are grateful if they can just make ends meet. As stress-related illnesses account for an increasing number of doctor visits, the call to slow down and unplug has gotten louder. But juggling the demands of worldly life can often end up at odds with being attentive to our individual needs. Sometimes, knowing where to best make the trade-off is all we can do.

The Top 5 Yoga Blogs

Top 5 Yoga Blogs


What makes a good yoga blog?


Good, substantive content. I like a distracting bit of clickbait as much as the next person, but it helps to combine the fluff with the occasional sprinkling of deep thought. Oh, and easy on the product placement please.

Pros and Cons of Yoga Teacher Training

Pros and Cons of Teacher Training

Yoga teachers don't really make a living off teaching yoga classes anymore. Many rely upon conducting yoga teacher training. But contrary to popular belief, this trend may have less to do with the business or marketing inclinations of yoga teachers and more to do with the purchasing and study habits of the yoga-going public.

New Mobile-Friendly Look for DoYogaWithMe

Welcome to our new website. The site you're currently looking at is responsive. In other words, it changes shape depending on whether you view it on a desktop computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone. We hope this will make it easier for you to use when you're viewing our site on a tiny screen.

We've also introduced a more modern look and feel, while sticking with the kind of simplicity that we feel is at the heart of yogic practice and so many other good things. We will be continuing to work on further upgrades and bug fixes throughout the year.

David and Fiji on Reddit


Fiji McAlpine and site founder, David Procyshyn, were on Reddit last week to answer questions from the /r/yoga community. There are a few audio clips in the mix as well. We'd like to extend our thanks to the yoga subreddit moderators for inviting us to participate. It was lots of fun!

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