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During pregnancy, women are looking for ways to embrace the experience and keep themselves, and the new life they are growing inside them, as happy and healthy as possible. Both physical and mental well-being during pregnancy are incredibly important, since what the mom is experiencing the baby is experiencing too. In this blog post, we will explore the incredible benefits of yoga during pregnancy and beyond, to create and nurture the kind of experience we want, while keeping the stress hormones at bay.

1. Nurture Yourself and Your Baby

Prenatal yoga is designed to fulfill the needs of mothers-to-be, with classes that create the strength and flexibility needed to alleviate common issues like back pain, tight muscles and fatigue, while helping you embrace your changing body. Yoga also enhances circulation, helping deliver essential nutrients to both you and your baby and supporting your baby's healthy development.

2. Create a Positive Experience

Heightened emotions are a necessary part of pregnancy, but can also lead to more stress and struggle. A regular mindfulness practice with guided meditations or breathing exercises can help you let go of the waves of anxiety and worry by calming your mind and establishing a feeling of of inner peace. A regular practice can also help you to build a strong bond with your baby, improving your sense of connection and love leading up to their birth.

3. Prepare for Labor and Delivery

For many, the greatest benefit of prenatal yoga is how it prepared them for labor and delivery. Prenatal yoga helps you build your resilience to the child birth process by developing physical and mental strength and endurance, and giving you the tools to relax your body and mind. As a specific example, strengthening your pelvic floor muscles help you gain more control of the child-birth process. Learning breathing exercises and relaxation techniques help you manage pain and remain calm during times of heightened intensity.

4. Foster Support Through Community

Attending prenatal yoga classes provides an excellent opportunity to connect with other expecting mothers who are going through similar experiences. Sharing this sacred journey with a community of women creates a support system that can be immensely valuable. You can exchange stories, seek advice and find encouragement in the knowledge that you are not alone. The connections formed during yoga classes often extend beyond pregnancy, becoming lifelong friendships and support networks for you and your child.

5. Postpartum Recovery and Rejuvenation

The benefits of yoga extend beyond pregnancy and into the postpartum period. Gentle yoga exercises can aid in restoring strength and flexibility to your body, while promoting relaxation and stress reduction. Yoga also facilitates hormonal balance, supports lactation and aids in postnatal recovery. Practicing yoga postpartum can also help alleviate the physical and emotional demands of motherhood, enabling you to find balance and prioritize self-care. Remember that each body is unique, and returning to your mat will be something that happens when it is right for you, usually 2-6 weeks after giving birth.

Yoga for Two Special Zoom Event

The time leading up to the birth of your child can be a beautiful, awe-inspiring experience. Incorporating yoga and meditation early in the process can help you manifest the experience that you are dreaming of.

Julia Crouch will host this informative event, featuring midwife and prenatal yoga instructor Sarah-Jane Steele. They will delve into the incredible benefits of pre and postnatal yoga, highlight specific resources and classes we have on our site and finish with a Q&A discussion at the end.

When: May 29th, 12:00pm PST (3pm EST)

We hope to see you there!



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