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Each year at DoYogaWithMe I get the opportunity to create new challenges for our users. This is something that I really enjoy doing because I know how meaningful these offerings can be, and how helpful they are at bringing people to their mat more consistently. We all know that when we practice regularly, the benefits of the practice show up on and off our mat in a big way. My favorite challenges by far are the 14-day challenges, and this is in part because for many of us yogis out there, community can help cultivate commitment.

In addition to being an avid yogi, I have also had a career in education and during that time I learned a lot about neuroplasticity. There is an interesting correlation between these two passions, since both involve growth and flexibility! The more I learned about the brain, the more opportunity I was able to see for myself and others in the process of personal growth and evolution. One of my greatest epiphanies was to realize that some of the most successful ways to continue our own evolution, on or off the mat, is to have both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.   

When we think of the practice of yoga, especially for those who practice online at home, we often think of having to be deeply motivated from within to have a regular practice. At home, no one is there noticing if we come to class or not, a teacher is not there giving direct feedback or encouragement, and no one gets to compliment your new yoga pants! The only thing pulling you into practice is your internal driving motivation and commitment.  

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When we practice in community or for a set purpose and for a set time, we introduce an external component to our motivating drives. While we don’t want to be solely motivated by externalities, it can be helpful in reigniting our internal motivational fires! This is where a yoga challenge can work its magic. We are invited to participate, to join others, in a dedicated and intentional way. Though there is not someone sitting each day waiting for you on your mat, there is a feeling that you are part of a collective, with a common purpose. There is often support and connection during these challenges from the teachers and the participants on the site in the comments, on the forum, and on the Facebook group. It is an opportunity to connect with other like-minded people and share your journey, as well as encourage each other to keep going. The magic really is in the connection that you experience with others.

During our 2023 New Year's Challenge this January, I will be online each day checking in with you on our forum, on the Facebook group and even just under each class in the comments. Dive into this experience and enjoy the added motivation the group can provide and be a contributing part of the group by supporting others!

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January 2, 2023

My yoga/Pilates studio closed with the pandemic and did not reopen.  I have done yoga almost all of my adult life, but only minimal (but consistent) daily stretching for the last two years.  Will this intermediate challenge be appropriate for a returning yogi?