Watch the video above to hear Tracey and David talk about the 30-Day Challenge starting on January 1st, 2019.

Challenge Yourself to Practice Daily January 1st-30th, 2019

30-day yoga challenges are meant to push your limits, physically and mentally. If the daily classes are well-designed, they will help you progress in a way that safely builds strength, flexibility and focus, without risking injury or pushing too hard. It's a fine balance, and when it's achieved it can leave you feeling deeply fulfilled, calmer, lighter, stronger and more at ease.

The biggest challenge is maintaining a daily yoga practice, so we have made sure that these are accessible to everyone. We have three challenges - one for seniors, one for beginners and one for intermediate students. Each one has a 30-day rhythm that will feel good in your body, giving you welcome breaks when you need them and a satisfying sense of completion each week.

All of the classes in the senior's challenge are 30-minutes or less, while the beginner and intermediate challenges feature 10-30 minute classes during the week, allowing you to fit them into a busy schedule, and 40-60 minute classes on the weekend, encouraging you to deepen your practice when you have the time. Scroll down to read more details on each yoga challenge.

You may find that a daily yoga practice will help you shift toward a happier, healthier, more joyful way of living. Join us!


How to Join the New Year's 30-Day Yoga Challenge

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A Summary of the Experience

  • 30 days of yoga, at your level, curated and catered to your needs.
  • Three yoga-inspired gift baskets, each worth over $200, that you can enter to win with every class you do.
  • Support offered by our teachers through a dedicated forum thread (threads posted Jan. 1st).
  • 500 bursaries available to those in need (to do the challenge for free).
  • 5% of proceeds going to charity.

The Three Challenges


Be Strong & Flexible 30-Day Beginner Challenge

This challenge, perfect for absolute beginners and novice yogis, emphasizes alignment and establishing how to do the poses properly. The series gradually progresses toward more challenging classes that increase strength, flexibility and balance, while moving through poses slowly and safely. Shorter classes are during the week and longer, more challenging classes are on the weekends, allowing you to easily fit classes in on your busy days and dig deeper when you have more time. This foundational journey helps students gradually build strength and flexibility to feel lighter, looser and more at ease, ultimately leading them toward feeling safer and more confident in their yoga practice. Classes are all 10-30 minutes during the week, 40-60 minutes on the weekend.

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Build Your Resilience 30-Day Challenge

The intermediate challenge is a fantastic option for those of you who are looking to re-establish a strong, consistent yoga practice, while pushing you to the next level. This Challenge helps you reach your goals, even within a busy schedule. Classes Monday to Friday will be 10 to 30 minutes long; Saturday and Sunday will be 40-60 minutes, ensuring that you succeed in your 30-day journey while allowing you to dig a deeper and reach new heights on the weekends. It begins with a series of classes that are designed to establish your commitment to the practice and renew important fundamentals, then progresses each day to build toward more advanced flows. The consistant practice and sequential class difficulty structure will help you progress in a healthy, safe way.

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Back to Health 30-Day Seniors Challenge

The Back to Health Senior's 30-Day Yoga Challenge is a program that alternates daily between gentle yoga and meditation classes. Specially designed for those 55 years or older, who want to feel healthier, happier and have more energy, this Challenge targets all those pains of the aging body. Each day seniors receive a 10-30 minute video that’s been carefully selected to help them slowly and safely increase their strength and mobility, with some days reserved for rest and meditation. By day 30, participants will feel more confident and better than ever, in both body and mind.

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The hardest part for everyone is simply starting. We strongly believe that the benefits you receive from a daily practice will far outweigh anything you need to sacrifice to get on your mat! Each day, all you need to do is roll out your mat, find your class and press play! Ignore everything you need to do for the duration of the class - ignore the fridge, the TV and the pile of laundry, and take some time for yourself!

Also, let us us know how it's going by sharing with our community in our forum.

See you on your mat!

From the DoYogaWithMe Team.


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