The DoYogaWithMe Monthly Update May 2019

Check out our 30-Day challenges this month! For those feeling the surge of spring, the Yoga & Pilates Challenge is going to match your mood step for step. For those needing a breath between blossoms, the 30-Day Deep Relaxation is like a gentle spring shower for the garden of your mind.


Yin Yoga for Tight Hips

Yin Yoga | 25 min | Beginner
Instructor: Nyk Danu
In this yin class, Nyk navigates in and out of dragon and swan, a duo of poses to release and open up your hips. Don't fret if the full expresions of each pose aren't accessible to you! Nyk offers variations to ensure this class is open to all yogis.

Gentle Yoga | 18 min | Beginner

Instructor: Helen Camisa
This hatha class from Helen takes the time for gentle stretching without leaving the gorund. This class is perfect for those students who are working in bigger bodies and showcases a series of deeply gratifying poses, including a variation of a reclined twist as well as Sufi grinds.

Gentle Yoga | 28 min | Beginner
Guy Friswell
In this gentle yoga class, Guy walks you through a hatha flow, helping you understand the primary axis' of motion for your spine. He covers the principles in standing, lunging as well as reclining poses, relaxing and revitalizing your spine.
  Vinyasa Yoga | 28 min | Intermediate
Instructor: Tracey Noseworthy
Tracey moves through hip openers, strengthens the shoulders and indulges in juicy twists before taking flight in side crow. It's an exhuberant vinyasa flow with a little taste of everything!
Hatha Yoga | 45 min | Beginner
Guy Friswell
This class helps you learn how to move harmoniously with your breath. Starting off with a brief meditation, Guy moves through sun salutations, balances and standing poses, before progressing to seated and reclining postures. You will finish with a sense of calm, centered awareness.


Yoga Flow for Cyclists
Vinyasa Yoga | 54 min | Intermediate
Instructor: Rachel Scott
After a tough bike ride, this class willl stretch out those tense hips and release the spine. It hits all the spots that cyclists need most!
Yoga Fun at the Wall
Vinyasa Yoga | 62 min | Advanced
Instructor: Crista Shillington
This full-body vinyasa yoga class is a dynamic, yet balanced sequence that moves the spine through its full range of motion. Along the way you will release the hamstrings, your hips, the hip flexors, as well as the back and shoulders. Moving through the flow, Crista incorporates the support of the wall in a creative way, while progressing steadily towards a pair of challenging poses: wheel and forearm balance.

Unpack Your Work Day

Hatha Yoga | 19 min | Beginner
Instructor: Tracey Noseworthy
Tracey keeps things close to the ground in this mellow hatha class. From seated and kneeling positions, prepare to unwind from your busy day with arm and wrist stretches, releases for the neck and shoulders, along side soft twists. Calm the busy mind while your body relaxes and begins to recover.
  Vinyasa Yoga | 65 min | Intermediate
Instructor: Tracey Noseworthy
In this energetic vinyasa class, Tracey grounds you in the present with robust standing sequences that incorporate twists and various spine-strengthening movements.
Gentle Yoga | 55 min | Beginner
Instructor: Tianne Allen
This class, accessible to all levels, is a chest and shoulder expanding practice that will cultivate a opening of the heart. It begins gently, slowly flowing while linking movement with breath. Modifications are welcomed to make this class practice safe for all.

Yoga Challenges | Available To All

30 Days to Deep Relaxation

This free, 30-day guided relaxation course immerses you in the deeply healing experience of complete, total body relaxation. By progressing through a variety of meditation and breathing techniques, you will learn to relax yourself in the moment and teach your body and mind a more rested, centered way of being. The goal is not just to help you relax now, but teach you to reduce and manage stress and tension in your daily life.

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Yoga Challenges | Subscriber Exclusive

Yoga & Pilates 30-Day Challenge

This 30-day challenge offers the benefits of yoga, pilates as well as meditation. It will help you build a balanced, strong and flexible body, while helping with a variety of issues, including lower back, shoulder and neck pain.

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