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Do you remember what it was like to feel boredom?

Do you recall the seemingly endless days when play was your only priority? When your days consisted of fluxing from watching TV to playing games to tackling a few chores to flipping through a magazine to riding your bike around the neighborhood to sunset suppers outside at a picnic table?

If you were lucky enough to run out of things to occupy your long days, maybe…just maybe…you’d have a rare moment to experience the sweet bliss of…boredom. 

That was the joy of summer. 

That was the joy of being a kid.

Maybe you were the kind of kid who has fond memories of summers interspersed with stints at camp? An immersion in guided activities to venture into a new skill or a new experience? Learning new songs by the campfire while licking the remnants of burnt marshmallows off your fingertips?

Or maybe you were the kind of kid who has fond memories of family vacations? Everyone piled into the car, fully stocked with snacks, singalong songs blaring, road trip games at the ready?

At DoYogaWithMe, we are keen to rekindle some of the laidback summer days of your youth. For Summer 2022, we are eager to enroll you in our DYWM Summer Camp!

Throughout July and August, we invite you to take part in our curated summer programs and activities:

 Road Trip Relief Thumbnail

Road Trip Relief:

This collection of some of our favorite on-demand catalogue classes will help you to stretch out after some long stretches on the road (or on a plane, or after long stints of binge-watching your latest obsession)…wherever your summer adventures take you!


Yoga Playdates Thumbnail

Yoga Playdates

Yoga fun for the whole family! Gather the kiddos and get them moving. Extra s’mores for doing these practices outside in the fresh air.


Relax & Rest Thumbnail

Rest & Relax:

This collection of classes from our archive is the equivalent of spending some time swinging in a hammock with a good book - relaxing, engrossing and minimal energy output.


Flow on the Go Thumbnail

Flow on the Go:

When you can’t beat the heat…Make some of your own and let the sweat cool you down! Try these intermediate flow classes to deepen your practice.


Remembering Resilience | A Livestream Practice with Fiji McAlpine

Sunday, July 31st at 9:00am PDT.

July-Resilience Livestream

More details coming soon.


Yoga On The Go | Micro Practices with Rachel Scott 

Yoga on the Go Thumbnail

In August, join Rachel on-demand for a special series of super quick (ie. 5-20 minutes!) yoga practices designed to be squeezed in anytime, anywhere your summer adventures take you -  in the airport, at the train station, in line at the fairgrounds, etc.


Summer 2022 Scrapbook Project 

Summer 2022 Scrapbook Project Thumbnail

A little group arts & crafts project for all of us this summer! We want to see what adventures you get up to. Take a pic of you in a yoga pose anywhere OUTSIDE you feel inclined to strike a pose: in front of a famous monument, at your favorite watering hole, in the woods, at the beach, at the cabin, by the roadside, at the airport, at a rest stop…

Share your pic on Instagram and tag it #yogaonthego and @doyogawithme. After summer wraps up we will gather all the images together and create a souvenir of how we spent our summer.

PLUS, for the yoga nerds who just have to earn extra credit this summer…

FREE DYWM Summer School Courses!

DYWM Summer School Banner

All you have to do to access these free bundles of courses (valued at $105 each) from our in-depth YTT program is to renew or sign up for your monthly subscription in July or August. Your subscription gives you access to all the programs outlined above.

Yoga Philosophy 101 | Valued at $105 

Sampler courses available for FREE with your July subscription include:

  1. Introduction to the Chakras with Fiji McAlpine
  2. Overview of Yoga History with Rachel Scott
  3. Introduction to the Sutras 1 with Tracey Noseworthy

Sign up for or renew your July Sustaining Membership, and your code to access this bundle of courses will be sent to you on or after July 7th.

Yoga Anatomy 101 | Valued at $105 

Sampler courses available for FREE with your August subscription include:

  1. Language of Anatomy with Rachel Scott
  2. Anatomy of the Core with David Procyshyn
  3. Anatomy of the Spine with Fiji McAlpine

Sign up for or renew your August Sustaining Membership, and your code to access this bundle of courses will be sent to you on or after August 4th.


We are super stoked to spend our summer days with you! Let’s let the popsicle juice drip down our chins. Let’s drink from the garden hose and run through every sprinkler we pass. Let’s lie in the grass and watch the clouds roll by.