Want to train to become a teacher?

Join our exclusive, 250-hour yoga teacher training course. After 180 hours of online training and 70 hours in-person, you'll be ready to begin sharing the joys of yoga with those others around you -- no matter where you are.

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Consistency is key.

Daily practice is essential to develop and master of any skill, and yoga is no exception! That's why we've handcrafted a variety of programs and challenges to help guide you to specific goals over the course of 7 days, 30 days and more..

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(P.S. we also showcase challenges created by our community members -- that means you. 😀)

Center Yourself.

In addition to our expansive video catalog, we also have a number of audio meditation playlists that help you settle your mind and realign your thoughts. Our community particularly enjoys our Yoga Nidra for Sleep.

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Escape Reality.

Need a break from the monotony or stresses of everyday life? Escape to somewhere far, far away (like Mexico, Greece, or Big Sur) with one of our exclusive retreats. Join us to find out how to become a better you.

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