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This beginners yoga class is great for people who are just starting out with yoga, seniors, or anyone who is looking for a gentle stretch class. It moves through a series of poses that stretch mainly the upper body - the spine, shoulders, neck and back.

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My first class with you was more then I could have imagine. Everything was in alignment, your voice, your movements, your music and your space/room. Thank you and please know that I appreciate the labor of love that went into this website. You and your staff are living the true meaning of Yoga.

Namaste !!

I have been skeptical about yoga for a long time. It didn't seem to be geared towards us manly men. But I can say with confidence that this puts a whole new view on the world of stretching and relaxing. Very easy to follow and very non-threatening. Thanks! P.S. I have a fabric (not leather) belt that I use for a strap and it worked very well.

I have a great difficulty to access the video ... It takes too long to charge ... Is it normal ?

Thank you for a gentle way to heal and strengthen my body. It is as if the "blocks" in my shoulders and lower back are crumbling and blood, air and energy can now enter areas that were being starved to death.

thank you for being calm, not threatening, and very accepting in your manner. I feel so safe practicing with this video clips.

We're a low income family trying keep a physically and spiritually fit household and I am SO glad this is available! This is perfect for the entire family to start off with!

This was really easy for me to follow. One person commented that they felt self conscious, tip** lock yourself in your room for half an hour then you are just by yourself. I didn't have a strap so I just used a rolled scarf. I hope that can work the same because I don't even have money to go buy one. I'm really hoping my flexibility will be better and that this will help my back pain as I can not see the chiropractor because I'm away at school.

I like that most of these stretches were new to me. Another commenter suggested using this as a morning routine, since the body can be stiff and vulnerable to injury first thing after waking up. I'd like to try that. Thanks David, I love every thing I see on this site so far.

This was my first yoga video ever, and I thought it was wonderful. The instructions are clear and complete, and although I felt awkward and self- conscious at first, I slowly eased into comfort. The workout did my muscles good, without pushing it too far. I'd recommend it to anyone!

Thanks- I have avoided all forms of exercise and sports due to injury, but have really needed to get back into it. Lovely way to start moving again- thank you!

Did this sat, 7/27/13. Plan to go to restorative yoga class tomorrow. I almost fell asleep right after this video! ;)


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