Nourish Your Soul

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Tracey's energy comes alive as she teaches this fun, challenging ocean-side flow with two of her students. During class, she eloquently infuses the theme of 'nourishing your soul' into all that she does, while encouraging a way of practicing yoga that is inspiring, gratifying and nourishing.

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I was disappointed with the flow. All of her other videos are great, but this one lacked pace and the sequencing seemed odd. I thought she wasn't prepared. Still think she is a great instructor!

Perfect class for me getting back into the swing of things... I had our first baby last fall and haven't had the time or money to go back to my local studio. I found this class very refreshing and a good pace for getting my body used to regular practice again!

this is such a lovely, gentle flow. i so appreciated your reminders to notice, relax and nourish myself throughout the practice and loved the concept of play as nourishment. thank you.

Awesome class I was stiff and sore but this was the perfect flow to get me limber and feeling great!

Beautiful balance all throughout this class. Thank You!

i love this video! it inspires me to use my mat more often.
The flow is smooth and right..Not too slow and not too fast.
Thank you so much Tracey!

I am about three months into practicing yoga regularly and this is the perfect video to not only get more comfortable with flow, but also take your practice to the next level on your own. I loved it, I will be using this video again mot definitely.

This class truly nourishes you soul. Thank you Tracey for your words of wisdom and great instruction. The poses are great and I really liked the flow, but yet there was such nice breath work holding pose. This is a very well thought out class. Thanks again. I am so grateful for these classes.

This was a wonderful practice. Thank you!!!

I have practiced this yoga class 5-6 times now, and I just love it more every time :) Thank you for an awesome class!


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