Natarajasana: Dance of the Divine

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Shivani takes you through a beautiful, invigorating flow that finishes with full dancer's pose, or natarajasana. She has a wonderful clarity and ease in her delivery and she has a way of making the more difficult poses feel easier. Have fun exploring the dancer inside of you!

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This was perfect for me. Challenging without being impossible, even with doing all the optional vinyasas. Thank you!!

You will see more classes from Shivani very soon. We'll be posting her 2nd video within the next two weeks!

Love the flow of the class. I would like to see more of her classes.

I consider myself as a yogi between beginner and intermediate practices.
Most of the vinyasa and power yoga video's here were more difficult for me than this one.
I found Shivana's video neither very easy nor very challenging (which i think is perfect :) )
Thanks a lot to Shivani and DoYogaWithMe for the video.

I really appreciate all of the detailed instruction on positioning in each pose.

Difficult poses, not unattainable but awesome for my back/neck pain! Great for intermediate yogis who need a stretch but want to push themselves

Very grateful for discovering yoga ... and grateful for lessons like this.

Love this class, and Shivani's calm and focused teaching. I also love that the Surya Namaskar B's are easier than the classic ashtanga/power version. Still, she works in a lot of strength and expertly instructed vinyasas.
Can we have more classes from Shivani, please? :)

I love how I feel after doing this and I've done this class a few times now and my back and everything just feels so good.

Challenging yet beautiful and relaxing. Love this class.


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