Natarajasana: Dance of the Divine

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Shivani takes you through a beautiful, invigorating flow that finishes with full dancer's pose, or natarajasana. She has a wonderful clarity and ease in her delivery and she has a way of making the more difficult poses feel easier. Have fun exploring the dancer inside of you!

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My neck and shoulders always feel really good after this class. It's a really good prep for full Dancer's Pose too.

I was about to say the same thing. It was challenging, but not impossible. It is definitely one of my favorite classes. I feel so full of energy.

This is a delicious practice the whole way through, a smile easily crept on my face on many of these joyful poses!

I loved everything about this class. Excellent cues and the buildup to a very accessible Dancers Pose. Excellent. Excellent.

After taking on a new, demanding, job position, which led to months of stress and illness, this class was just what I needed. Shivani, if I could I would take a yoga class with you every single day! Your grace and strength paired with your soothing and motivating teaching style is like no other. Please post more!! and again, thank you for helping me ease my way back into yoga feeling powerful and less cluttered in mind and body.

Another great class for my routine, thank you Shivani!!

I have been practicing yoga for a while now, and being an ex gymnast I appreciate the gracefulness yoga brings. I thought that this class was the perfect combination of strength and grace. Such a lovely class and Shivani was great at reminding me of being aware of my body. Loved it!

This was the perfect practice for me to get back into the swing of my daily yoga regiment! Thank you sooo much! Also Shivani is definitely one of the better teachers I have experienced on this site. Of course that's just my opinion. She calm yet focused and does not seem as demanding as some others. Thanks a lot for re-motivating me! All it took was one practice!

Thank you

This was perfect for me. Challenging without being impossible, even with doing all the optional vinyasas. Thank you!!


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