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Do you have stiff shoulders and a tight neck from working all day, and only have a half hour available? If so, this class is perfect. This class stretches every major muscle group that crosses the shoulder joint, releasing tight areas and relieving tension and pain. And there's even time for a 2-minute relaxation at the end!

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please make a downloadable version of this class so i can take it with me... i often travel to places with no internet and being able to purchase your classes beforehand has been awesome. also, your captchas to post comment are pretty hard...

Thanks for the great after-work shoulder and neck therapy!

Doing a lot of weight lifting, I have had some problems with my shoulders the past 6 months.

I have done this program over the last couple of weeks, and all my paints have faded away gradually!

I will stick to this program on a regular basis, and focus on it even more in period when I feel I am loosing the balance in the shoulders again due to too much or not balancing front/back weight lifing good enough!


I've done this video almost every day for the past 2 weeks. I love the calming music and tone of David's voice. My shoulders have never been this open! This practice is great to do in the morning or after working at the computer. My eagle arms and reverse prayer poses have deepened so much thanks to this video and I can finally do the toe stretch without using a block. This is my cure for chronic shoulder and neck pain! Thank you so much for providing all of these high-quality videos free of charge :)

This was amazing. I have lots of aches in my shoulders and neck and this was like a soothing massage. The stretches felt so good and it was very easy to follow and very relaxing.

Very relaxing. I love the idea of observing sensations throughout the practice. Cured me of my sore back (I carry all my stress in my shoulder blades) and alleviated a headache I had all day, too.

This was a very nice calming class. I like the flutes and the park setting and the intruction to keep the focus on body sensations throughout the class. 30 minute focused classes like this are very wonderful when time is crunchy! Thanks!

I always have constant pain and tension in my neck, upper back, and shoulders and have never been able to soothe it. This class did the trick! It's almost creepy how good it feels!

This is a fantastic class - very effective, great instructions. Leaves neck and shoulders feeling looser and relaxed.Thanks so much for posting these very high quality classes for free. Very much appreciated!

My first class with this site. Had a headache and tight neck on and off for a week. Thanks.


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